Are you in pain after having turned awkwardly or rolled your ankle? Is there a twinge in your ankle when you try to walk?

Physiotherapy for Ankle Pain

Pain, discomfort or tension in the ankle can be caused by a variety of reasons – from falling, to arthritis or general wear and tear. The most common injury for an ankle however is a sprain, or a ‘rolled ankle’.

A rolled ankle means that it has been over-stretched, or that the ligaments have been hyper-extended. Unfortunately rolling could occur as you’re stepping, running, or even walking over an uneven surface.

It’s important to get your ankle seen as early as possible, so that any swelling and discomfort can be reduced quickly.

Find out how we can aid strength and mobility for a rolled ankle.

Other ankle injuries can include:

  • Achilles Heel – where the tendon which links the calf muscle to the heel becomes inflamed or snapped.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – pain in the tendon which runs under the foot from your heel to your toes.
  • Stress Fractures – tiny cracks in the bones caused by heavy impact or over use of that particular part of the body. High impact sports such as running, are a leading cause of stress fractures in the ankle.

If you’re experiencing pain in your ankle, please do not hesitate to call our practice on 9639 9600. Our friendly and professional team will be able to identify the root of the pain, offering treatment and guidance to support healing and prevent re-injury.

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