Manual Therapy

Sometimes your body needs some hands on help. It needs massage, joint manipulation or mobilisation to help in the healing process.

Manual physiotherapy consists of numerous massaging and manipulation techniques which can provide relief for people suffering from problems such as headaches, or back, neck and muscular pain.

Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment, stretching and massaging the muscles and joints to reduce swelling and ease tension. We have experience in using manual therapy for a range of musculoskeletal problems and take a gentle approach when dealing with your specific case.

Your personalised treatment plan

During your session we will look at your medical history and find out about you and your symptoms. We will then use manual therapy to identify problem areas and develop the best treatment according to your own preferences, lifestyle and aims.

From here we can guide you with further treatment and suggest lifestyle changes you can make to assist your recovery, improve performance and prevent future injury.

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