The Knee is critical in supporting your body and giving you freedom of movement. Any slight ache can cause mobility issues, and structural issues.

Knee Pain

As well bones and ligaments, your knee is made up from cartilidge and fluid. As we heavily rely on these components each day, the knee can be quite prone to injury or wear and tear. Structures such as the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, the patellofemoral joint and cartilidge surfaces can all be impacted and lead to pain and reduced mobility.

The following are common knee conditions:

Anterior and Posterior Ligaments

  • Anterior Ligaments are located at the front of the knee
  • Posterior Ligaments are at the back of the knee.
  • They help join Femur and your Tibia.
  • You can injure your Anterior Ligament through high impact, such as a car accident, or landing firmly on a bent knee.
  • The Posterior ligament can be injured landing badly on your leg and it bending backwards, hyper-extending at the knee.

Meniscus Tears

  • The Meniscus are discs of cartilage sitting atop the tibia, with the femur resting on top, and are a load bearing component of the knee joint.
  • Tears can occur through bending or twisting of the knee when in an awkward position.

Patella Dislocation

  • The Patella, or knee cap, usually sits comfortably within a groove at the bottom of the femur.
  • Dislocation occurs when it slips out of this groove, straining the muscles and ligaments around it.
  • Occurs either through traumatic twisting of the knee joint, or if there is a strong blow to the knee.

Most knee injuries can be managed and treated well if caught soon enough. We will work with you to develop a recovery plan to get you back to your best, doing what you love to do, as soon as possible. These problems can occur in anyone and can have a serious impact on their everyday lives.

At Melbourne City Physio we can assess your injury to determine its cause and build a personalised treatment plan for rehabilitation.

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